Little Z and Firefly: A Journey to Finding Light and Love : A CHILDREN’S MENTAL HEALTH BOOK (PAPERBACK)


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(NOW AVAILABLE: Little Z and Firefly, A Journey to Light and Love, The Workbook -An Interactive Mental Health Guide for Kids)
In the past few years, we have all become so busy with “adulting” that we may be missing opportunities to address our little ones when they get stressed out or when they are feeling down. Kids can, in fact, feel, depression, anxiety, and feel lonely. This book is a resource to help you start the conversation about mental health with your child. Kids need this type of book, especially in today’s society.

Throughout their journey to ‘Light and Love,’ both Little Z and Firefly learn valuable lessons about supporting someone in a ‘Dark Place.’ They explore various tools and strategies used to empower themselves and their mental health. Tools that can be used forever to support a healthy lifestyle.

This book is perfect for parents, teachers, counselors, and anyone looking to find a tangible and interactive resource to help empower the young people in their lives. It is also a book for adults who may struggle with where to start in talking about mental health.

Little Z and Firefly, A Journey to Light and Love, The Workbook is NOW AVAILABLE!

This interactive workbook will extend learning and will enable children to put these tools to practical use.

Research-based strategies explored in this book include:

Mirror Work
Creating Order
Creating Joy
Healthy Diet and Exercise
Talking it Out
It’s never too early to adopt mental health strategies. May this book be a start to a life filled with Light and Love for your child and your whole family!

★About the Author

Heather Mishel Williams, M.Ed is a self-proclaimed creative; Little Z and Firefly is her first children’s book. She is originally from the Lehigh Valley area and is a 17 year Philadelphian transplant. She currently teaches as an Assistant Adjunct Professor in the College of Education at her Alma Mater, Temple University. Her area of expertise is in special education. Her career’s work has focused on supporting the needs of youth, families, and communities that experience high susceptibility to generational trauma. She is a fierce advocate for mental health and self-care for adults and children. She enjoys creating art, cooking, fashion, and her ever-so-happy dog, Charlie when she is not writing.

“The book is absolutely amazing! I started reading it with the impression that it was a children’s book and by the second page, I realized this was a book not only for youth but for adults and people of all ages. I totally related to it (and it will help me get out of my dark place.”

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